Green Window Cleaning by Using Deionized Water

Cleaning The Orange County Window Cleaning Company Way

Iconically, window cleaning has been associated with people on tall ladders using soap, brushes, and squeegees to wash the windows of multistory buildings. As with every industry, technology has arrived! Using deionized water, these days are no longer a reality for The Orange County Window Cleaning Company.

We use a water-fed pole system that allows us to clean windows in Orange County safely from the ground. Our poles still have brushes to scrub the dirt off the windows, and we still have water to rinse it off; however, there are no ladders, and there is no detergents or soap. The pole system rinses your windows with pure deionized water. Because deionized water has no impurities and the ions have been removed, it drys to a beautiful spot free finish!

The Science Behind Our Madness

Lets dive into the science of “water spotting” and what actually causes it. For those people that have had a nice new car wash ruined by some water spots or perhaps your glass shower door, you know how frustrating water spots can be. Despite what most people believe, it is not the water that is leaving those pesky spots. Normal tap or rain water contains many minerals that are referred to as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). When you wash a surface with your normal tap water, the water evaporates; however, it leaves behind the residual TDS minerals, leaving the spotting that we see. De-ionized water has been through a deionization process that removes the TDS minerals and impurities; therefore, there is nothing left to spot your windows when the water evaporates.

Deionized water utilizes a 2 step process for cleaning your windows:

1. Pure deionized water acts a lot like soap does when it clings to dirt on your skin. Pure water, constantly seeking to return to its impure state, clings to dirt in the same way. This reaction makes window cleaning much easier.

2. With a simple brush from the pole-fed system, the dirt is washed away easily. Your windows are left sparkling clean and spot free once the pure water evaporates and leaves no TDS minerals behind.

The Advantages of Window Cleaning with Deionized Water

1. Healthy for the Environment – No detergents, soaps, or chemicals. Just pure water!

2. Faster – The water-fed pole system allows us to clean 50% faster than using ladders.

3. Thorough Cleaning – The integrated brush allows us to cleaning the surround window frames too.

4. Reach Higher – We can reach windows that are normally very difficult to access with ladders.

5. Safety First – No ladders means our staff and your building stay safer. We can reach as high as five stories with the pole system.

To Sum it Up

The Orange County Window Cleaning Company holds a firm balance between quality and safety. It was a no-brainer for us to invest in the deionized water system. This system allows us to perform window cleaning throughout Orange County safer, GREENER, and to a higher standard that our customers deserve.

By: Josh Grillo

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