Our Window Cleaning Mission in Orange County

The Orange County Window Cleaning Company is committed to providing the absolute best window cleaning experience that you have ever had. Cliff, the owner, is a self-made professional who started this company from the ground up. The secret ingredient to his success was nothing more than hard work, a friendly smile, and excellent customer service.

We take great care in every aspect of our service. When we clean your windows, our employees wear booties to protect your floors. We also take precautions to protect your furniture, cars, etc. when we do our window cleaning. Our equipment is the latest and greatest so that we can do the very best job possible on your windows! For example, part of our window cleaning process includes using deionized water to prevent water spotting. This alone allows us to provide a superior window cleaning experience for multistory buildings.

In addition, when you call the Orange County Window Cleaning Company, you get to speak directly with Cliff. There is no automated system hassling you, or a young sales rep trying to up-sell you, just friendly and helpful customer service from the owner himself. This emphasis on excellent customer service has lead to projects for very large companies. We have experience with cleaning residential windows all the way up to large commercial buildings. There is no window too small or too big for us to clean!

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By: Josh Grillo

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