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Window Cleaning Orange County

We at Orange County Window Cleaning Company provide the highest quality window cleaning service available not only from our highly trained staff but also the latest technology of window washing equipment available. Hiring a professional window cleaning service is essential when trying to maintain the highest level of excellence for your home or business.

All single story properties are hand cleaned with Sorbo/Ettore squeegees and window cleaning mops, which is the best equipment on the market.  With properties two stories or higher, the window cleaning service will be completed with a water fed Tucker pole system, which is made of a light weight airplane aluminum.  This allows us to perform the window cleaning from the ground providing safer conditions other than using ladders.

The water that is fed through the Tucker pole is called deionized/DI water that simply means the removal of ions which creates 100% pure water so your window cleaning service will dry spotless, streak free and with a sparkling shine!

In order to protect your property we wear booties over our shoes and utilize tarps to cover your furniture to avoid any water dripage.

Before we start your window washing service, our staff will brush and vacuum out the tracks and sills.  The tracks and sills will be wiped down after the windows have been cleaned as well.

The tracks and sills washing is FREE with our window cleaning service!

Our window washing service includes commercial and residential window cleaning. This is simply the best window cleaning in Orange County.

Screen Cleaning Orange County

We remove all screens and clean the mesh and frames by hand.

As with our window cleaning service, we strive to maintain the highest level of excellence; therefore, we ensure your screens are cleaned beautifully to compliment your window washing service. A screen cleaning is important to keep the air quality of your building high, and for that reason it is important to use a professional cleaning service.